Blue Mountain Mineral Waters - naturally alkaline bottled water

Are you over acidic?
Balance and detox with a mineral water
...and feel the difference

Blue Mountain mineral waters, offers you the chance to enjoy one of Australia's premium alkaline mineral waters conveniently delivered to your Door - Home or Office.
Alkalife mineral water (pH 8.26) is a naturally alkaline water sourced from the Jenolan Caves region of the Blue Mountains in NSW. This ancient limestone cave system is millions of years old. Most spring waters, tap and tank waters are generally acidic with a pH less than 7.

Europeans have known about the value of drinking mineral waters for centuries. The history of mineral waters dates back to the Roman times, where people travelled from all over Europe to visit the famous mineral spas, where they bathed & drank the mineral waters for their health.

Water is the foundation of life & the most important part of our diet. The quality & quantity of water we drink directly affects our health. Maintaining a healthy pH Balance of our bodies is essential for optimum health.

Everyday functions of eating, breathing, sleeping, exercising, lifestyle choices and even stress may, combined with hereditary factors, help to create excess body acidity and accumulated acidic waste/toxicity.

Drinking alkaline water offers you the chance to not only stay adequately hydrated, but may neutralize some of those acids, and flush out those toxic wastes. Learn more >>

Typical analysis (mg/L): Industry Average Alkalife Natural Mineral Water
Bicarbonate 43 290
Calcium 5 60.0
Magnesium 4 15.0
Potassium 1.2 0.8
Chloride 15.3 4.0
Sodium 10.8 9.8
Silica   26.4
pH   8.26
Total alkalinity   240
Alkalife has a perfect balance of minerals, and it has a soft taste. Waters under the 250mg/L are usually classified as spring waters which are more common on the Australian market. Whereas in Europe it is traditional to drink mineral waters. The difference in taste alone is enough for you to change your water consumption, but Alkalife with its alkaline minerals, becomes the perfect choice.

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